Mum-Of-Three Sheds 40 Kilos To Become Fitness Influencer

Gold Coast mum Ash Petroff lost a whopping 39 kilos from her 95 kilo frame after a massive diet and fitness overhaul.

The mum-of-three first became pregnant at the age of 19 and gained 50 kilos in nine months thanks to a diet that consisted of unhealthy takeaway meals and soft drink.

She went on to have two more sons but still battled with her weight throughout the years.

Determined to lose weight, in 2014, Ash came across The Healthy Mummy, an online weight loss program for women who share their weight loss journeys.

“I was depressed, anxious and very unhappy with myself. But I made a commitment to become healthy and fit and get my happiness back,” she said. 

“My ultimate weight loss goal was 55kgs and I’m happy to announce I’m now at 54.6kg!” she added.

Ash started off with the 28-day challenge and continued eating healthily and exercising for the next nine months, following the program set by The Healthy Mummy.

“I followed the 28 Day Challenge exactly and started doing home workouts three days a week – I didn’t want to jump into it too hard as I didn’t want to hate exercise,” she told The Daily Mail.

“The meal plan was easy too – it was all healthy and nutritional versions of things like pasta and pizza – and I cut out all takeaway and soft drinks which I swapped for smoothies and water.”

Ash now has thousands of followers on Instagram and says the program changed her life.

“I now look forward to a life where I no longer have to fake happiness. I can run around with my children, I can be confident, I have my sexy back and live with no anxiety and depression and I continue to help inspire and motivate other mummies on their journey. Everyone deserves to find their happiness,” she tells The Healthy Mummy.

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