The most effective support for the whole body exercise

How’s it going?

The classic push-up you put on your belly, legs stretched, positioned the hands parallel to the shoulders and pushes with a view on the ground until the arms are almost stretched. The body should form a straight line. Who wants to make it exactly goes so far down that the chest almost touches the floor.

How’s it going?

Many beginners have problems to keep the body center stable. The hip is sagging, the buttocks, shoot in the air, the arms of slurp – and-forth. In the case of some Untrained, the head moves more than the body, but Nod at most of the neck muscle is claimed to be unpleasant.

The execution of the pushups is easy, but for people with little power to the part is difficult to execute. Some people complain of a Strained wrists. Steve Speirs, Welsh triathlete, and author of the book: “to be spent In 7 weeks 100 push -” recommends that in the case of push-UPS on fists. Man can also use pushup handles (“Push up Bars”).

Tip: Who does not have enough power to have a clean push-UPS run, should simplify the Exercise and the pushups on the knees or the sun to increase the surface area of the hands, for example, on the wall or on the edge of the table placing. In General, the risk of injury in push-UPS low. Provided that you warm up thoroughly and gives the body after the Training, sufficient recovery time.

What’s the point?

The pushups replaced countless fitness devices. “In the case of push-UPS almost every muscle of the body is strengthened,” says fitness trainer, soldiers, trainers and best-selling author Mark Lauren (“Fit without equipment”). To strengthen simultaneously chest muscles, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, torso, and even the gluteal muscles. “In addition, it trains the sense of balance, coordination and agility.”

What’s the variations?

With one arm, with offset arms, pushups with a Clap, balls, crawling – push-UPS, you can almost endlessly vary. Who wants to be a burden on the triceps more, the hands closer to the body. Pushups with wide-spaced arms, strengthen the chest muscles. The higher the feet are, the more the shoulder muscles.

Anyone who has mastered all the variations with ease, you can try the “Spiderman”: on the floor, relax and try to pull the trigger (is almost impossible). Or: push-UPS on the fly: hands at waist height, fingers pointing to the feet, legs, pull the trigger and in the air.

Who makes it?

The pushups are often part of fitness tests. So also in the U.S. military. Since it is counted how many Push-ups creates a soldier in two minutes. “The soldiers of the special forces should at least get 65 to 70 in two minutes,” says Mark Lauren. His record is at 133.

A prominent advocate of pushups Bruce Lee was. The Chinese martial arts legend, impressed with his Push-ups on two fingers (thumb and forefinger). Even First Lady Michelle Obama, known for their Fitness, from the US to host Ellen DeGeneres to a support a competitive challenge. She made it to 25.

Who can be the most?

The US-American Charles Servizio secured his entry into the Guinness book of records, by he completed the incredible 46.001 pushups in 24 hours. Country man Andre Turan holds the record for the most pushups on the back of the hand with a backpack. He managed to do 40 Push-ups with a about 18 Kilo heavy backpack.

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