These Are America's Favorite Halloween Candies by State and Starburst Tops the List

It’s nearly Halloween which means it’s time to stock up on your favorite candy, stick it in a bowl in your house, and eat it in fun size form for weeks on end! True bliss. But in case you’re wondering what’s in candy bowls around your state, you’ll simply need to consult this handy (and frankly surprising!) map.

Job hunting site Zippia used Google Trends to determine every state’s favorite Halloween candy, which, yes, is not a perfect system, but it does give us some idea. Just a note: They have excluded gum, raisins, fruit snacks, and “other things people try and pass off as candy to unfortunate trick-or-treaters,” just in case you were about to get up in arms about this.

We learned some interesting data, like the fact that Starburst is apparently the most popular candy, topping the list in six different states. Other popular picks were Twizzlers, Crunch bars, and Blow Pops. The U.S. is also split 25 states each for chocolate and non-chocolate candy.

If you’re looking for another set of candy ranking results, Signals Analytics, an advanced analytics platform, found that the most popular Halloween treats in the U.S. are Reese’s, Oreo (not technically a candy, but!), Kit Kats, Snickers, Hershey’s bars. I guess what we’ve learned today is that favorite Halloween candy is a tricky thing to nail down…but that no one wants apples or toothbrushes.

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