This Kmart Kitchen Hack Is A Total Game Changer For Meal Prep

It’s a daily drama for anyone who cooks on the reg: what to do with leftovers. But one Aussie foodie has come up with the ultimate fix to all our waste woes.

Karyn Cullen was cleaning out the fridge when she found bunch of half-empty sauce jars at risk of going bad. So, she did what any savvy spender would do: took a trip to Kmart.

“I started thinking about how I could avoid it and wondered if I could freeze them,” she wrote on Kmart Home & Hacks Facebook page. 

“I went into the Kmart website and saw they had ice cube trays with lids and thought that would be perfect! When I went into the shop however, I saw the hard trays with the rubber bottom and thought they would be much easier to use – they are!”

Her idea is simple: pour any excess goods – be it curry pastes, pasta sauces or spices –  into an ice cube tray then pop the frozen blocks into labelled zip lock bags or containers. This is fool-proof for keeping track of use by dates and extending the life of produce. 

“I use them in curry, stirfry, Bolognese, anything really,” she explained. “They only take a minute to dissolve in the pot and you’re not messing around with spoons and jars, just pop the cube in.”

“It takes two minutes to do. Saves you time during prep. Doesn’t take up much space in the freezer. Saves you lots of space in the fridge and more importantly, money!” she added.

And at just $1.50 a pop, you bloody bet we’re incorporating this ice cube tray hack into our weekly meal prep sesh. 

Total genius.

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