This Meal Is Famous For Sending Women Into Labor

At 40 plus weeks you’ll try just about anything to get that heavily baked bun out of the oven, and this famous method certainly beats some others.

Forget spicy curries and nipple tweaking – Scalini’s in Atlanta, Georgia says its eggplant Parmigiana has helped more than 1,000 women go into labour.

According to the manager of the Italian eatery, a couple of women have even had their water break before they’ve asked for the check.

“That’s always exciting when that happens. Once, a father even came up and said, ‘Can we get our food to go?’ I think his wife really wanted to get going to the hospital, though,” restaurant manager Robert Bogino told TODAY Food.

So what’s the secret behind the mythical meal? Robert says that the magic started back in 1977 when his dad, the restaurant’s founder, make the dish for Robert’s mum who gave birth to him 24 hours later.

And while you can’t get this kind of induction delivered, the restaurant has put the recipe online for you to try at home. 

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