Where is the First Dates restaurant? And, can you actually eat there?

It's one of the most famous restaurants on TV but surprisingly little is actually known about the First Dates eaterie, Paternoster Chop House. Luckily we've done our research and found out exactly what you need to know about it; From where it's located, to what it serves and how much a meal costs. Sadly, there's no sign of Maître d' Fred, bartender Merlin or waiter Sam when the cameras stop rolling. 

Situated in Bank, in the district of London known as 'The City', the restaurant responsible for (hopefully) pairing off singletons is indeed a real, functioning restaurant that members of the public can dine at when filming is not taking place. Located at 1 Warwick Court, Paternoster Square, it's next door to St Paul’s Cathedral and therefore a prime location for tourists who might be wanting to visit one of the city's oldest Holy buildings or the likes of the nearby Tate Modern.

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In terms of the menu, it's full of classic British options like steak tartare, beer battered cod and free range chicken kievs and as long as you're not dining nightly, it's not horrendously expensive.

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For starters the likes of pea and smoked ham hock soup will set you back £7 while the pork pie served with a dollop of piccalilli is priced at £11. However, the cheapest main which is a classic burger served with cheese, bacon, pickle and onion rings comes in at £18 and the rump of new season lamb, served with broad beans, asparagus and sweetbread is pricey at £25. The good news for vegetarian or vegan fans of the show, despite it being a chop house, there are two suitable options: smoked chilli lentils served with roast hasselback carrots, cashew nut 'yoghurt' which costs £18 or herb dumplings served with peas, violet artichokes and fresh cheese which is £20.

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If you're paying, we just hope whoever you take there is worth it…

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