My day on a plate: Fiona Patten

Member of the Victorian Legislative Council,​ Fiona Patten, 54 shares her day on a plate.

Victorian Upper House MP Fiona Patten.Credit:James Brickwood

6am I have an early start for my regular spot on Joy 94.9, so the first thing I do is have an instant coffee.

7am I pop a slightly stale croissant into the toaster. Unsurprisingly, it burns, but with enough butter and jam it tastes fine.

8.30am A big green juice. There are some days when the only greens I see are the ones sitting next to me in parliament.

10am An apple and a strong latte (I try to stick to three coffees a day).

10.30am Food isn't allowed in the chamber, but I sneak a packet of butterscotch to keep me from getting hangry.

1pm I have a catered working lunch with the Governor-General that includes party pies and excellent pulled-lamb croquettes.

5pm My staff and I open a bottle of wine and packet of chips.

7pm We pop out to a Greek restaurant for saganaki, calamari and salad. Today has been a little more indulgent than usual.

Dr Joanna McMillan says:

Top marks for … The Greek dinner – your healthiest meal of the day. The salad helps to balance the richer dishes and gives a much-needed vegie boost.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Have to watch your weight. You are eating too many foods with few nutrients and lots of kilojoules, such as the croissant, lollies, party pies and chips, and not enough whole foods.

Why don't you try … Starting your day with muesli, fresh berries and yoghurt, and keeping fruit and nuts at work for healthier snacks. Order extra vegies or salad when eating out and include them in all your home-cooked meals.

Fiona Patten's book Sex, Drugs & the Electoral Roll (Allen & Unwin) is out now.

This article appears in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale January 27.

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