Six Reasons To Ban Your Phone From The Bedroom

And you’re not alone, as according to a US survey, 63 per cent of smartphone users actually fall asleep with their phone in their bed.

Counting sheep not helping you to nod off? Scientists believe that sleep deprivation is linked to phone use as a study by Harvard Medical School revealed how the artificial light from electronic devices activates neurons in the brain that stop you falling asleep.

And that’s not all, as staring at that tiny screen until sleep time not only affects your ability to fall asleep, but also the quality of sleep you achieve, by disrupting your ability to produce the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

Still not convinced to shut it off before getting some shuteye? Here are more benefits of banning your phone from the bedroom:

A better sex life
Technology in the bedroom is believed to be one of the main causes of dissatisfaction with your sex life. In fact, a US-based study found that 20 per cent of young adults are actually on their phones during sex! Spice things up between the sheets and improve your connection to your partner, by leaving your phone out of the mix.

You’ll resist the urge to web wander ‘til the early hours
It might start with a quick scan of Instagram, but it ever ends there and before you know it, its 2 a.m. According to researchers at the NASA Ames Research Center, the mental stimulation from staying connected results in later bedtimes that affect your body clock meaning you don’t fall asleep until that new, later time. Remove temptation by leaving your phone out of your rest space.

Instant relaxation
Experts believe that having your phone nearby can create a sense of stress similar to feeling tense or on guard. Waiting for incoming calls, texts or emails prevents you from achieving a state of total relaxation needed for a proper night’s rest.

Reduce radiation exposure
According to the National Cancer Institute, your phone can emit a form of radiation that may be absorbed by body tissues located near it. And a further review of studies revealed that such emissions may be linked to cancer. Reduce the risk by leaving your phone in another room when you rest.

You may even read more
For a better way to wind down, reach for a book instead of your phone as reading lamps don’t produce the same brain-stimulating light as a screen, allowing your natural sleep cycle to begin.

Sleep, sleep and more sleep
Imagine how much more beauty sleep you could have each night without your phone distracting you. Experts recommend switching off your phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime to give your brain a chance to slow down and prepare for sleep.

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