The 6 Healthy Habits Steph Smith Does Every Day To Smash Her Goals

WH Fitfluential ambassador and cover star Steph Claire Smith shares with Women’s Health the habits she does every day.

1. Wake up without pressing snooze. I find that if I press snooze and go back to sleep, I wake up even more tired and almost frustrated at the thought of getting up. So I get up, and start my day!

2. First thing in the morning I give my boyfriend Josh and our dog Ari some cuddles. There’s no better way to wake up to be honest! They are two of my favourite beings, and spending that time in the morning with them is incredibly warming to my soul.

3. I work out 6 times a week, and I like to get it done first thing in the morning. So after my cuddle time with my boys I chuck on my gym gear (which I’ve laid out by my door the night before ready to go) and head to the gym!

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4. Following my own program has proven to be incredibly motivating. I love that across the world all of our KIC GIRLS are doing the workout with us so I feel bad if I don’t do it! It’s also so amazing to see all the other girls posting about how good it was! I think having friends or a community that’s supportive of your lifestyle is definitely important when wanting to reach any health or fitness goal.

5. I check in with Mum or dad, or they check in with me! I love staying in touch with my parents because it’s really grounding. It’s also a time where I get to share everything I’m up to and having them say something as simple as ‘I’m proud of you’ really means the world to me + it keeps me on track!

6. I don’t do this every day, but once or twice a week I like to look back through my diary and remind myself of all the cool things I’ve experienced +  all the exciting things I’ve got coming up! It might sound silly but I’m living such a busy lifestyle, so sometimes physically looking back on things is the only way I can really appreciate them, be thankful and excited for the next thing!

Steph Smith from Keep It Cleaner is part of the Women’s Health Fitfluential Network. She and bestie Laura Henshaw are incredibly passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and influencing young girls to do the same.

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