The Workout Behind Jennifer Aniston's Ridiculously Ripped Abs

Until now, the secret behind Jennifer Aniston’s enviable rig has been somewhat of an enigma. We know she likes yoga, spin classes and sweating it up on the elliptical, but as for her exact workout regime, the actress is notoriously tight lipped.

Which is why when her trainer Leyon Azubuike sat down to chat to Shape magazine recently, we were all like:

And turns out she’s just as much of a beast as we expected.

“Anything I throw her way, she brilliantly attacks it to the best of her abilities,” he told the publication. “She’s always receptive and open to trying new things and learning new techniques as we work out.”

In a typical week, the 49-year-old will train up to six times for 45 mins to 2 hours. Her routine is constantly changing, with the workouts building in intensity when there’s a big event on the horizon.

“We love to work the whole body and we love to incorporate the resistance bands, jump ropes, a variety of routines that work the core,” Leyon added. “We love to box. Jen, she loves boxing.”

It’s not hard to see why. As well as being epic for your strength, cardiovascular health and toning the body, boxing is the ultimate workout for your mind.

“You get a mental release of all this crap you’re talking into your ears and eyes every day and have little fantasy moments imagining who you’re punching,” Jen previously told InStyle.

Want to get in on the action? Leyon reckons even just holding a basic boxer stance (feet shoulder-width apart, non-dominant front in foot, fists in front of your chin with your knees slightly bent) can be a challenge when done right.

“You’ll see that your core is engaged and your arms will start to fatigue and the glutes, hamstrings and calves start to burn,” he said.

Next up, try jab crosses (a straight punch with your front arm, followed by a straight cross punch with your back arm) holding some light dumbbells.

“Just start with the basic one-two while you’re rotating across your body and seeing how that benefits the torso, the core and your arms,” he added.

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