The IGK Good Behavior Smoothing Spray Is Like a Keratin Treatment in a Bottle

Heat and humidity are like catnip for your hair. One exposure, and it starts going nuts. And while there is no shortage of smoothing treatments on the market, the coolest hair-care brand around is rolling out a brand-new one, just before the hottest days of summer.

Folks, meet IGK's Good Behavior, a keratin treatment-like spray that promises to keep your straight hair sleek as hell and your curls and waves in check. The spray has spirulina protein, which is what gives your hair that super healthy shine after you use it. "This product actually contains both spirulina and hydrolyzed keratin proteins to help add protein back to the hair and strengthen it from the inside out," Aaron Grenia, co-founder of IGK Hair Care tells Allure. "We added spirulina because it’s considered a 'perfect protein' (containing all essential amino acids) and also contains vitamins, minerals, and biotin, which all help to heal hair, keep it healthy, and nourish the scalp." The product also boasts an innovative bonding polymer, which, combined with the spirulina, mimics the coating of the keratin treatment. In addition to making your hair crazy smooth, the spray also works as a heat protectant and to keep your hair impervious to the effects of humidity.

Good Behavior is to be used on damp hair prior to blow-drying. When you mist it on, be sure to do it in sections and get every strand coated — don't be afraid to rake the product through with a comb for even distribution. IGK suggests blow-drying your hair in sections to seal it all in and mentions that a gentle finishing with a flatiron adds even more of a boost to the smoothness.

Of course, we had to put this hot newness to the test. Associate social media manager Madisen Theobald used the spray on her damp hair, but let it air-dry before going over with a flatiron. "My hair did feel silkier after application, but once the day went on I couldn't tell a difference." Of course, this likely had something to do with the air-drying, as Grenia mentions the product is heat-activated. "It’s essential to blow-dry it in," he says. Oops. So, deputy digital beauty director Sophia Panych gave it another go on her hair. "I've never had a keratin treatment, so I'm not 100 percent sure how my hair is supposed to feel after one, but, the spray definitely helped with frizz," she says. "I have to turn off my air conditioner to run my blow-dryer (otherwise I'll blow a fuse, ahhh, NYC apartments), so I had to blow-dry it in a very humid room. I was surprised to see my hair was nice, smooth, and super soft." Panych notes that the spray didn't completely lay down the broken pieces of hair around her face, but she does admit that they were far less frizzy than they normally are when she blow- or air-dries her hair.

If you're working with highly-textured hair, Grenia has a hack to get the most out of this product: "For tightly curled hair, you can also add more Good Behavior as you blow-dry. As hair is drying, re-spray the section and blow-dry again (use a round brush for best results)."

Excited yet? IGK's Good Behavior is $32 and set to hit shelves July 29 (that's tomorrow) at,, and at Sephora locations.

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