7 Personal Trainers Share Their Incredible Weight-Loss Transformation Photos

Let’s be real: No one’s born with six-pack abs and boulder shoulders. Being fit takes work — it doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a personal trainer or you are one.

“Fitness is a long game and the fairest game in town,” Lacey Stone, a Flywheel instructor, creator of the fitness program “8 Weeks to Change,” and a trainer on Khloe Kardashian’s show Revenge Body, tells Women’s Health. “The more you give, the more you get.”

Want proof — and a healthy shot of motivation? Take a look at these before-and-after photos showcasing the weight-loss transformations of seven personal trainers.


Yep, Lacey Stone speaks from experience: Changing your body requires changing how you live your life. “You need to look at it as a lifestyle change if you want to have lasting change,” she says. “Find a workout you love, give yourself time to change your bad eating habits to good, and find a supportive community of people who keep you inspired on your journey.”


Instagram star Anna Victoria, a personal trainer and the creator of The 12-Week Fit Body Guides and the Body Love app, has amassed over a million followers thanks to her refreshingly honest posts—and isn’t afraid to use her personal experience to relate to her fans. But “your self-worth should never be linked to your size or a number on the scale,” she says. “We are always changing and growing and experiencing ups and downs, and you deserve to be happy and love your body through it all. Our ‘transformation’ never really completes and we should always be aiming to improve ourselves in whichever way we see fit. It’s not a bad thing to want to look better, but it is when it’s done at the expense of your mental and emotional health.”

My "transformation" ? Sometimes I don't like calling it that because I was never unhappy with the way I looked to begin with. • My transformation was more about how I felt on the inside, about my health, and that's not something I can show you in a picture. Nevertheless, instagram is a visual platform and we are visual creatures so here we are. While I'm happy with the physical changes I've worked so hard for, they don't compare to the non-physical changes that aren't visible to the naked eye. Those non-physical changes are what keep me going. There's always room for physical improvement and there's always someone who looks better than you, and those two facts can be freaking exhausting if it's all you're concerned with. It can put you in a constant state of wanting to restrict food more, work out more, and if you're not careful, lead to an unhealthy obsession and relationship with workouts and with food. That's not what I want for me or for any one of you. • The before photo was in November 2012, so nearly 5 years ago. Could someone see progress in less time? Of course, and I did see significant progress not long after this 'before' photo. My transformation didn't take 5 years, it took about 9 months. I do set goals and push myself, but I've always been overly conscious of maintaining balance and never letting fitness take over my life. These last 5 years I've been pushing myself but I've also been living my life, enjoying vacations and cheat meals and completely indulging and having no regrets. I don't work out to punish myself for eating ice cream and I don't restrict myself if I feel I want to relax a bit. I DO however keep in mind how food affects me mentally and emotionally and that's what keeps me eating as healthy as I do. • Do I have people telling me I should be more lean? Yes. That I could gain more muscle? Yes. But I'm not concerned with other people's ideas of what I should or shouldn't do with my body. I'm doing what I want which is to kick ass in the gym, be empowered by my workouts and feeling strong, but still enjoy life and to value balance above rock hard abs or a lower body fat percentage. #fbggirls www.annavictoria.com/guides

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Dyan Tsiumis, the head instructor and director of training at SWERVE Fitness in New York City, has kept off 38 kilograms for years now, but she still regularly shares her “transformation” photos with her followers. “My journey will never be ‘done’ because I will have a body as long as I’m alive,” she says. “It’s not as if one day I’ll wake up and say, ‘OK, I’m done!’ Moving and eating are part of life, so how you do it every single day matters. Some days that looks amazing and others, not so much, but I always give my best. I constantly remind myself to appreciate where my body is in the moment.”


Dell Farrell became a trainer after gaining nine-plus kilograms in college. Through lots of trial and error, she ended up losing all that weight, and then some. “The most important thing I learned during my journey was that consistency comes from building key habits that help you stick to the plan automatically,” she says. “When you make being consistent the easiest option, you will get sustainable fat loss. The bottom line is, you aren’t always going to feel motivated—so build a system that makes you keep going especially when you don’t feel like it.”

❌swipe across❌ I know what it's like to feel like you will never be able to change ? To not like what you see in the mirror even though you are trying to change. I think it's so important as a coach to know what it is like to struggle. To understand what clients are going through ? ?? There are so many people telling you that it's super easy but have never known what it's like to gain more than a few pounds. The truth is it isn't a walk in the park. You are going to have to do things that are out of your comfort zone. You are going to have to make changes. There is no magic pill. There are definitely strategies that make transforming your body and mind a whole lot easier. I gained weight from not making my diet and training a priority. I cared too much what people think and didn't look after myself like I loved me for me. Anxiety, stress and worry are things that I have had to battle to get to where I want to be. ???Changing my life so that I did not have to live with an unhealthy body or toxic mindset has taken time??? This is to tell you that it is possible. I try to put out as much free info on my site ? dellfarrell.com ? as I can to help women who feel they are stuck like I was. Don't give up. It is worth it. ✌?️

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After having bariatric surgery, Strong Coffey Personal Training owner Kelley Coffee originally lost more than 72 kilograms in just under a year. But then, she gained back more than 27. What eventually stopped the regain, and helped her continue to lose, was throwing out the scale and focusing on self-care. “I have no idea what I weigh, and I hope never to know,” she says. “Knowing what I weigh, and regularly checking in with the scale, are behaviours I associate strongly with dieting, and so it has no place in my care-based life. Screw the number—all that matters is how I feel in my own skin.” In addition to training, she speaks around the country about body-positivity and offers free online workshops like “Why We Sabotage Ourselves.”

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After 15 years yo-yo dieting, Kimberly Mills lost 28 kilograms in eight months, and has kept the weight off for seven years now. “It was all about mindset,” she says. “Rather than focusing on the outcome (my goal weight), I gradually discovered that focusing on the process and mini goals, such as running my first 5K, was what helped me in being successful in achieving and maintaining my goals for the long term.” In addition to “focusing on small, sustainable changes,” she started working with a personal trainer. Now, she is one—and the proud owner of Fitpossibilities gym in Missouri.


A personal trainer and the owner of EricaFitLove Studio, Erica Lugo found that carrying a ton of extra weight not only made it hard for her to physically do things, but to be mentally engaged, as well. “Through losing weight, I learned that getting healthy is so much more than walking through the gym doors or cooking vegetables over pasta,” she says. “It’s about changing your mindset to become mentally healthier: how you feel about yourself, how you learn to accept every curve, dimple, and mark is the biggest shift. Sure, I have a healthy body now, but I also have a mind that’s free of comparison, negative self-talk, and limits!”

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