These Are The Top Food Trends For 2018

When reflecting on all the food crazes of the past 12 months, there were three things that undoubtedly had a bit of a moment: brunch, deconstructed desserts (thanks, Masterchef) and the rise of the flexitarian.

But prepare to say ‘sayonara’ to your smashed avo’ folks, coz Wholefoods just released their predictions for what’s gonna be trending in 2018 (as determined by experts who track consumer behaviour). If you’re into eating watermelon rinds and vegan burgers that bleed, stick your fork in this. 

1.) Flowers

While culinary stars have been adding edible petals to their dishes for years, floral flavours and botanical-infused snacks are officially in full bloom (think lavender lattes and rose-coloured errything.) 

2.) Superfood powders

From matcha and maca root to turmeric and cacao, smoothie fans can raise a glass to these energy boosting power players.

3.) Mushrooms

Move aside button mushrooms, new functional varieties (like reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane) are coming to a plate/coffee/broth near you.

4.) Middle Eastern cuisine

Oh hey, harissa! Keep it coming, cardamom. These traditional middle eastern spices are ready to be revived.

5.) Transparent labels

When it comes to product labelling, there’s no doubting more is more. Customers will now be privy to just what’s in the chow their downing and exactly how it made its way from the source to the store.

6.) High-tech plant-based dishes

Vegan tuna? Meat-free burgers that bleed? If those don’t take your fancy, banana and pea “milks” definitely will.

 7.) Puffed & popped snacks

The humble potato chip is finally getting an upgrade. New and improved processing methods have paved the way for the likes of brussel sprout crisps, puffed rice clusters and generally better-for-you bites. 

8.) Tacos

Seeing as Taco Tuesday has been around since forever, we’re kinda sceptical about this one. Alas, the gods anticipate this Latin American street food will be getting a new (read: naked) twist and shedding its humble shell for seaweed instead.

9.) Root-to-stem

We’ll soon be using our entire fruit and veg stocks for new and improved flavours and textures. Beet-green pesto and broccoli-stem slaw? War on waste, rejoice!

10.) Sparkling water

It’s official; bubbles are here to stay. There’s been a boom in flavoured sparkling beverages vying for customer attention. The diff? Min sugar, max fizz.  

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