This Is What Hilary Duff's Weekly Meal Prep Looks Like

If the name Hilary Duff only conjures up Lizzie Mcguire mems, then you need to get with the program. With a hit TV show about to air in its fifth season (Younger) a six-year-old kid she’s raised on her own (Luca) and a New York Times best seller to her name (Elixir), the actress has well and truly put her Disney days behind her.

But with all this on her plate, it’s pretty easy to let her healthy habits slide. That’s why the 30-year-old is embracing the magic of meal prep.

“Meal prepping on the weekends kind of sets me up for success throughout the rest of the week,” she recently told Health.

“I love to be naughty and eat things that taste delicious, but when I do meal prep, I feel like I make a few more sensible choices throughout the week.” 

To start, she’ll roast a few different types of veggies, then mix them with healthy proteins and grains. 

“I’ll make some sweet potatoes, rice, grilled chicken, and then I’ll have a few containers that I can do different stuff with. And adding green is always important.”

She’s also keen on variety and prefers to ingredients that can easily be thrown together rather than making full meals.

“I don’t just love to just eat fruit by itself I like to put it in a salad,” she said.

“Also, this is so random, but I don’t like to eat a strawberry just like a strawberry, so I slice it all up and have it all ready in a container and then it’s just way more edible to me that way and I’ll actually eat them as opposed to them going bad in the container. I’ll put grapes with it or I’ll slice apples with it, or some other kind of fruits so it looks more appealing.” 

Green is the name of our game! Happy Sunday evening! ?

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But the convenience-factor isn’t the only reason Hilary is super keen on healthy eating.    

“I’m not totally gluten free, but I have the allergy,” she explained. “So [meal prep] helps me avoid eating like a sandwich on the run when I do have fresh arugula to mix with rice and put chicken on top, something like that.”

Her best advice for anyone looking to change up their habits? Get creative in the kitchen. 

No cute way to eat salad ?

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“Figure out what you like and what you’re actually going to dip into instead of just grabbing something,” she explained. “Because really the reality is I want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day long.”

Same Hils, same. 

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