How The F45 8 Week Challenge Transformed This Woman's Body

With results like these it’s no wonder F45 is one of the most popular fitness regimes in Australia right now. Their renowned 8 week challenge combines their 45 minute high-intensity workouts with a comprehensive meal plan, aimed at helping participants achieve their health and fitness goals.

Women’s Health spoke to Rhana – the winner of the most recent challenge – who was inspired to go hard after having participated in previous rounds without seeing amazing results.

“This one was a little bit different because I really set my mind to it. I’ve done challenges before and I got some good results but never something this good,” the Queenslander said.

GLOBAL CHALLENGE WINNER! Rhana has been training at our studios (Paddington & Toowong) since July 2016. She is a regular at our 5:15 am sessions every weekday and is a big part of our community. Rhana’s commitment to her training and diet was flawless during the 8 weeks and her hard work, commitment, and diligence paid dividends – her results are mind-blowing! Rhana attended (and dominated) a total of 63 sessions over the 8 weeks – WOW! From the Challenge sign up day, Rhana had the mindset that she was going to win this Challenge and her determination was relentless……. nothing was going to get in her way! Rhana followed the meal plan to the letter and took on board all the tips and tricks from the Challenge portal to assist her with her transformation. Rhana also had a little healthy competition with other members in the studio which helped keep her motivated and hungry (pardon the pun) to succeed. Well done Rhana! Rhana has won an around the world adventure valued at $7,500. Could this be you next challenge? #f45trainingpaddingtonqld #f45trainingtoowong #f458weekchallenge #f458weekchallengewinner

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For Rhana, the hardest part of the challenge was the food component, particularly curbing cravings and attending social events.

“Going to the beach and packing your challenge-approved meals, and eating that on the beach while everyone else is having fish and chips,” she said.

But having the F45 challenge app helped keep her on track, especially in regards to the meal plan.

“On the app you actually track how you’re going with your meal plan, if you’re exercising… it keeps you accountable because you get points for everything you’ve done.”

And skimping on sessions was definitely not in Rhana’s books, who doubled her strength training during the challenge.

“Normally even if I’m off the challenge, I would train probably 6 times a week,” she said.

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Apart from losing 7.6kgs, decreasing her body fat percentage by 6.5 percent and gaining muscle mass, the biggest takeaway for Rhana was learning more about nutrition and exercise. 

“The main thing that I’ve learnt is that it’s actually really true how people say food is 80 per cent, exercise is 20 per cent. The nutrition plan is all there, you follow that and you exercise, and you get the results that you need.”

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