So Red Wine In A Pill Could Be A Thing

Red wine has been getting a VERY good wrap in the press lately. Its many health benefits have us sipping on a cheeky glass or two on just about any occasion (yes it being a Thursday counts as one) without the guilt.

So it turns out resveratrol, is the key ingredient that makes red wine so super duper special! Researchers from the Georgetown University Medical Center have revealed that it can potentially protect against diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

But what the fine print reads (which lets be honest not many of us read) is that you would need to drink 1,000 bottles of wine a day to get an effective dose which would slow down these diseases. As ambitious as you might be, it is humanly impossible to consume this much. This is where our friends in the white coats come in.

As it turns out researchers from the University Of New South Wales are trying to develop a pill that combines resveratrol with some of wine’s other compounds to make it more effective.

Their goal is to create something that “mimic[s] the synergistic effect that is found in a glass of red wine without the negative effects of alcohol.” So pretty much a drug that will positively impact your health without a hangover.

Not a fan of red wine and don’t want to wait for the pill? You can also find resveratrol in dark chocolate and blueberries.

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