These Brand-New Pimple Patches Are Like an Invisibility Cloak For Your Breakouts

Of the many benefits of being a beauty reporter, working in an office where you can openly wear acne stickers on your face and not be questioned about it certainly tops the list. My skin still believes I'm going through puberty, so I rely on pimple patches regularly to keep me from picking at my zits and help heal them.

Not everyone is as open to wearing them during the day like I do, though. I think most people generally relegate the stickers to their nighttime skin-care routines, leaving them on their face only while they sleep. Hero Cosmetics had these people in mind when it created its newest product, Mighty Patch Invisible+. The sticker is a more transparent, under-the-radar version of the popular Mighty Patches, which are small, circular hydrocolloid bandages.

To see just how discreet the new Invisible+ patches are, I decided to wear them during a recent trip to the beach. The right side of my face was acting up, so it seemed like the best possible time to test-drive them. I had fiery red, bulbous spots on my cheek and chin. The last thing my acne needed was to be suffocated with concealer, and I definitely didn't want to wear a full face of makeup at the shore. Instead, I protected my breakouts with the Invisible+ patches.

Soon after sticking two onto my face, I noticed that the new Mighty Patch concealed my zits better than makeup ever could. The new, clear edges of the stickers blended seamlessly with my complexion, and its overall matte finish camouflaged into my skin. Typically, acne stickers have a shiny texture that looks very obvious when the light hits them, and they tend to be thick, so you can easily spot them. And we all know how foundation and concealer can make inflamed pimples look patchy and flaky. My acne-acceptance journey is in full swing, but having the tiny hydrocolloid bandages on my face made me a little more confident to leave my hotel room without foundation on. They were like mini invisibility cloaks for my breakouts.

Once I was out and about on the sand, no one asked me what the little circles on my face were (or really even noticed them). They more or less stuck in place all day long. The sticker I put on my upper lip had trouble staying on, though. I think all the movement from talking dislodged it. Other than that, I forgot the one on my chin was there until I was looking through my selfies later in the day and had to peel it off to wash my face. (The stickers expand and turn white in the center by the end of the day, just like any other pimple patch, in case you were wondering.) Once Monday came around, I realized the inflamed bumps, which were covered with stickers days before, were completely flat and almost fully healed. Hallelujah.

Want to try them out for yourself? The Mighty Patch Invisible+ are available now for $18 for 39 patches exclusively on

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