Poisoning threatens! 5 foods you should never eat raw – Video

Raw food is healthy. During cooking many of the valuable ingredients are lost, raw vegetables, nor about the full load of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. However, some foods contain uncooked toxins that harm the body.

Who cooks the food before eating it, kills valuable nutrients. Many therefore rely on healthy raw food. However, not every food is in a raw state to an edible. Some of them can even make you sick. We show that food only cooked food you should always.

1. Eggplant

You are just as much as the potato to the nightshade family which contain the neurotoxin solanine. This leads to stomach discomfort and, at worst, damage to the nervous system. The vegetables are heated, that makes the poison, however, is harmless. As immature eggplants contain lots of solanine, it is also advisable to consume the fruit until it is soft.

2. Rhubarb

The perennials vegetables contain oxalic acid. Who takes these in large quantities, you should expect signs of poisoning. The acid is also, to a lesser extent harmful. Because it binds to minerals such as Magnesium or calcium. These Compounds are insoluble, and hinder the absorption of minerals by the intestinal mucous membrane. Subsequently, the acid to kidney or bladder stones can result.

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3. Elderberries

They, too, are uncooked harmful to the human body. The substance contained Sambunigrin may trigger nausea and other digestive disorders such as diarrhea or chills. Temperatures of 100 degrees are required in order for the poison to kill.

4. Green Beans

Also, who eats green beans uncooked, you risk digestive problems. Because the Legume contains protein Phasin, such as the consumer explained Central Bavaria: “Phasin causes in the human body a stick Together of red blood cells. The transport of oxygen in the blood is hindered. Headache, Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can be the result.“

5. Cake batter

That raw eggs may be due to the risk of Salmonella is dangerous, know the most. But cake to eat raw dough, is also not recommended because of the contained flour. The grain from which the flour is produced may be contaminated, for example through animal faeces.

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