Listening To This Song While You Workout Can Help Fatigue

Need a little extra inspo to get you through those last few reps? Turn up the vol on your sweat sesh playlist.

According to new research conducted by Brunel University London, listening to music during a workout can lessen the feeling of fatigue.

“Music is a very powerful auditory stimulus and can be used to assuage negative bodily sensations that usually arise during exercise-related situation,” the study’s author Dr Marcelo Bigliassi told PsyPost.

This could be especially helpful, during “the most critical periods of the exercise regimen, when high-risk individuals are more likely to disengage from physical activity programmes (e.e, individuals with obesity, diabetes, etc.)”

For the study, participants were asked to lie down in an MRI scanner while using a hand-strengthener grip. They each did 30 sets of 10 minutes, while researchers analysed the impact of music. 

In particular, Marvin Gay’s rendition of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ was found to be effective at stimulating the region of the brain associated with easing tiredness. Participants also reported that listening to this tune made their workout feel shorter and more exciting.

As if you needed another excuse to crank the old banger, eh?!

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